The phrase "Things Unlimited" is emblazoned in gold leaf on the front window of this antiques and oddities shop, and its contents yield a mixed bag of whimsical accents, vintage housewares, and furniture. Husband-and-wife owners Zak and Gillette Wing opened the store in July 2009, decking the walls with paintings and maps, and assembling a stock of rustic Americana finds from Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. (Fittingly, the store is named after a bluegrass song.) Nearly every surface is covered with some form of knickknack or hardware, including wood carvings, toys, dolls, blue-glass Mason jars, tools, knives, door knobs, and scales. Large items range from utilitarian tables and benches to antiquated wooden wheelchairs. Accessories like antique rings, hair clips, necklaces, and bracelets line the glass display case in front, some refurbished by Gillette. The couple also offer basic custom shelving, crafted in their basement workshop from salvaged wood.

— Kaitlin Jessing-Butz