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Zak and Gillette Wing worked at Housing Works together before opening their store, Holler & Squall in 2009. The second part of their name “Things Unlimited” perfectly describes what this antique shop is all about. They deal in a range of objects from furniture to jewelry that focuses on no particular era, rather limiting their selection based on aesthetic and quality. From the very cozy tuft leather sofas to the vintage gold and silver necklaces, the shop is ever changing. Zak says it is “reset” on a weekly basis. The Wings source their items from all over the United States including Northeast Ohio to the brownstones in Brooklyn Heights. They also carry a few contemporary items including Nolita’s Quality Mending Company bags and are in the process of working with a local leather smith to produce an assortment of wallets and portfolio cases. For the stylists and photographers, Holler & Squall offer rentals at 20% of the listed price for a 48 hour period.


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